Berries - 1Sandwich greens for lunch, cooked greens and salad for dinner, strawberry jam for breakfast. Strawberries will be in season until early June, which is about when blueberries will be coming into season, closely followed by raspberries and cherries (super short season, 10 days! really!).

I recently went strawberry picking with some good friends; truly brilliant idea on their part, pick a crap-ton and make half-pints of jam as wedding favors! While you can have a good time out there in the patch leisurely picking, chatting and snacking (it really must be in their business plan… right?), strawberrying is not the easiest of pickings. There is a lot of bending over, lots of dirt, and in the end you kind of look like you just came out of a battlefield ER. But. Fresh berries. YUM. Oh, but be careful in how you store them – they can wither fast. Only wash when you’re ready to eat and store with a paper towel in the bottom to gather moisture.

Also if you haven’t noticed, greens are all around! I know, greens can be dull and fibrous and awful if put in the wrong hands, but you can do so much better! I love a fresh salad with varied greens and medium-boiled eggs, vinaigrette, and dried cranberries. My girlfriend thinks I’m mad for enjoying the soft egg center, but seriously with some salt and pepper isn’t it the best part of the egg experience? Also, cooked greens. Why do people think they need to be cooked until grey? I love a relatively quick saute with 1/2 inch squared pieces of Kale with veg oil, bits of garlic, chopped chillies, and black pepper over medium-high high for 5 minutes. Drop some soy sauce on top and savor the goodness.