boylan-vegan-burger-3It’s funny, when you tell people you don’t eat meat there are three things they always say: “What about steak?? You don’t eat bacon? Come on now, a burger? Surely you can’t survive without a burger!” Yes, it is true, while turning away from steak and bacon, one truly cannot survive without a burger of some sort. It makes you feel good, and lets you re-live family cookout days. Thank you, thank you, Boylan Heights, for saving us vegans.

I know it seems odd that a mix of carrots, mushrooms, brown rice, and onions could possibly compare to a juicy burger thrown on the grill, but the Boylan Heights vegan burger really does. I had to look a few times to make sure it was really vegan. As always they have an amazing menu and have worked hard to create items that not only taste great but are creative and whimsical. In my opinion, the only way to go is to grab a scantron (yep, just like in junior high) and build your own burger. Mine for the evening: Vegan patty on multi-grain roll, yellow mustard, sauteed mushrooms, avocado, sauteed spinach, and black bean spread. Delicious. Add a side of tater tots and we are as happy as can be. And completely hooked. There’s no keeping us away now.

Thanks to Boylan’s stellar offering, we vegans can belly up to the bar, order an IPA, and fit in just fine with our meat-eating neighbors. Thank you, Boylan Heights!