jam-1This is the first in a series of City Market profiles by Kip, a new writer here at Mas to Millers.


Full disclosure: Every year I buy a case of jam and glorify in it as long as possible, and my raving is actually featured on his website.

The point here is that the jam you get at the supermarket is super sweet and somehow lacking in fruit pieces and intense flavor. This stuff that we’re used to is a product of the large industrial food chain we’ve built around ourselves, blah blah blah . You know the spiel. We’ve screwed ourselves by communizing our food chain, conglomerating producers, equitizing but reducing average quality, increasing the social and environmental costs, etc. We’ve also gotten used to unripe fruit picked by a tuppence-paid worker more than 1,000 miles away. Well no more!

You, my dear reader, are privileged to be able to make your own fresh jam from local ingredients (read: spend lots of time and money to get sprayed by 200 degree sugar), or to buy locally sourced, unadulterated, and sublimely delicious fresh seasonal jam made by Mr. Daniel Perry. His jams stand apart from others available in the area in that there is proportionally little sugar added, the jams tend to be rustic in texture, and the flavors are varied, exotic and truly luscious. Try the Strawberry and Thai Basil, the Strawberry Lime, or the Strawberry Rhubarb. Delicious!

Service Suggestions: spread on bread, spread on fingers, bake with goat cheese as dip, chug, spread on pancakes, etc.