If you’re a manly man, you’ve taken one look at many a cocktail list around town and scoffed your way past pomegranate and cucumber drinks on down to where they list the hard liquor there at the bottom. “I’ll have a Maker’s on the rocks,” you say. Or if you’re an extra manly man, maybe you order a scotch served neat. You and the bartender share a knowing nod – “We are both serious and sophisticated men,” it says – and you take your tumbler of no-nonsense over to where the rest of your party is having trouble keeping their blood orange margaritas and sour appletinis from sloshing out of their precarious martini glasses.

Okay, so I’m talking about me, not you, and I admit that I’m totally vain. Fortunately, the Vieux Carré at Zinc is making me change my ways (a little bit).*

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Zinc Bistro has put together one of the best manly cocktail menus in town. Whether you fancy an old-timer’s cocktail from the 30′s – the kind of thing your grandfather used to drink at the club – or a newfangled concoction with whiskey, star anise, and tropical fruit, Zinc’s menu will satisfy and surprise. The Vieux Carré, my favorite drink in the “classics” section, is what I always thought old-fashioneds were trying to be. Rich and refreshing, sweet and dry, with just a nudge of fruit and bitters. It goes down easy, but not too easy. Note: To maximize manliness, remove fruity garnish and toss it indifferently on the ground. To maximize gentlemanliness, pick it back up and put it on a napkin on the table. Or ask them not to include it in the first place.

The cocktail list at Zinc is not for everyone. All but two items feature a brown liquor. But for all of you good southern ladies and gentlemen, fearless in the face of a good bourbon beverage, this might be just the thing to add some spice to your spring cocktail career.

* To be fair, I do love me a good fruity drink every so often. Ten has an orange-ginger thing, for example, that is outrageously delicious. Keep an eye out for a drink find on that one before long.

Click on the full menu below to see all options.