I recently wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny. He was due to swing by my pad later this month with Peeps, so I figured why not give him a shout and see if he could fetch some extra gifts. In my letter I requested the following additions to the Charlottesville food & drink scene…


A Beer Garden

Don’t get me wrong, there are several fantastic places in town to drink quality beer (I know them each more intimately than my own living room). I’m looking for something similar to a traditional German beer garden. I’m looking for massive picnic tables, colossal steins of draft beer, house-made sausages covered in spicy mustard, and a laissez-faire attitude toward afternoon drunkenness. Can’t we all just get wasted outdoors and sing patriotic songs together? Am I asking too much?


More Bagels

Billions of townspeople descend on multiple Bodo’s locations every day forming lengthy serpentine lines. Why hasn’t anyone taken the cue that folks might like bagels enough to sustain an additional bagel-centric food business in Charlottesville? Here’s a novel idea – open a bagel business that allows you to order one toasted. (Toasting is not difficult – more detailed instruction here.) Just for good measure, throw in a selection of distinctive breakfast sandwiches featuring Virginia-made pork products, farm fresh eggs, and local cheeses.


A New York Style Deli

Pastrami. Corned beef. Smoked salmon. Chopped liver. Knish. Potato pancakes. Crisp dill pickles. The aforementioned NY deli products are not readily available at local eateries, yet throngs of transplants from north of the Mason Dixon Line call Charlottesville home and often speak nostalgically of these foodstuffs. To be honest, I meet roughly twice as many people from New York and New Jersey than I do from Virginia. We could easily support our own version of Katz’s Delicatessen or 2nd Avenue Deli. Rise up northerners… and build me a proper deli ASAP.


More Food Trucks

I observed a line of twenty people waiting for tacos at a recent City Market. I wouldn’t necessarily wait in a line that long, but so be it. The product is both delicious and affordable so I understand the desire. Tacos seem like a good candidate for a food truck. Cooking Channel and Food Network bombard us with shows dedicated to unique food trucks from across the USA. Why don’t we have more? Is there a law against chow served from trucks in the Commonwealth? What am I missing here?


PS – I apologize for including a link to the Peeps website – in particular I am sorry if you were curious enough to click through to Peeps World. The music is hypnotic and potentially hazardous. Keep your children away from this site.