I went into smoothie withdrawal when I moved from California to Charlottesville. Where was the spirulina, the frozen chunks of papaya, the gingko biloba powder, and the pressed kiwi juice that came together to provide me with a reverse-aging milkshake? There wasn’t even a sugary Jamba Juice in sight.

I suffered from intense wheatgrass withdrawal but over time I’ve managed. This is either because my California cravings have given way to longings for Riverside cheeseburgers and BBQ Exchange pulled pork, or because there’s been progress in the local smoothie department. First there was the delicious Cantaloupe Smoothie, and then Integral Yoga began offering a kickass juice bar. But life really changed when I found Calvino Cafe‘s Hanging Fruit smoothie.

You’re delicious, Hanging Fruit smoothie. I love your perfect creamy combo of peaches, mango, peach nectar, soymilk, and yogurt. You taste like a Mediterranean dance party in a compostable cup, or like a peach grove picnic date through a straw. You’re nutritional enough for breakfast yet sweet enough for dessert. I crave you for both and anytime in between. I don’t have eyes for any other smoothie in town, thanks to you.