Three meats, two sides platter: (clockwise from top left) pulled pork, ribs, baked beans, white slaw and pulled chicken.When considering the range of late-night food options on the Corner, one could wonder what more they could ask for. Between pizza, sandwiches, and burritos, it seemed that any eater could get their fill after midnight. Now, Buttz BBQ has stumbled onto the scene, and is serving delicious barbeque from 11:30 pm – 3 am. What’s even better than barbeque that tastes great at  2 am? Barbeque that tastes just as good at 7 pm. That’s exactly what Buttz delivers.

Buttz offers several types of meat and many different accompanying sides. After hearing rumors that this joint was serving up worthwhile barbeque on Elliewood Avenue, I had to go – and bring two of my most experienced meat-eating friends with me. Between the three of us, we ordered almost everything on the menu.

Of the meats, the ¼ barbequed chicken was the best, though other options posted serious competition. The skin was perfectly crispy and dark, the meat underneath it moist and succulent. The ribs (beef) were clearly covered in a dry rub before being cooked to perfection – the outside crackled as you bit into them. The Texas brisket was tender, with a rich beefy flavor that made up for what it lacked in smokiness. Of the pulled meats, the pork beat out the chicken. The pulled chicken was too wet, becoming almost mushy, and lacked any real flavor.

Outside Buttz BBQ.The pulled pork presented a completely different experience – it had a fantastic rub, was juicy (but not mushy) and the pork flavor lingered well after you swallowed your bite. For those that desired more flavor, Buttz provides 5 homemade barbeque sauces. The Country Apple Vinegar tastes like real apples, the Buttz Texas Red had just enough sweetness to balance its tang, and the East North Carolina Vinegar had a subtle vinegar flavor, which was good so long as you didn’t grow up eating Eastern North Carolina pulled pork sandwiches.

The sides were just as promising. Buttz serves two types of coleslaw, white and voodoo. Both are creamy, yet runny, but the voodoo has a bit of a Cajun kick (definitely recommended). The baked beans were smoky and smooth, definitely my favorite side. Did I mention I don’t even like baked beans? The cornbread crumbled a bit too quickly when broken in half, but had lovely flavor. And the caramelized pepper spoonbread – a cornbread-bread pudding – was to die for! Made with jalapeños, it had a kick that balanced out its smooth and silky texture.

This restaurant does not only serve up tasty food, but the service is of a caliber to be admired, especially among Corner establishments. The staff brought food out quickly, always making sure that the order was right before sitting it down on the table, and coming by later to inquire about the meal.

A final suggestion: If you visit Buttz BBQ and just can’t decide what to order, ask for a sample. Any customer is welcome to a taste!


thumb_up 16 iconPros: Great service, inventive sides and sauces, good option for eat-in or take-out

thumb_down 16 iconCons: Limited selection, mushy chicken

money_dollar 16 iconPrice: $4.95 for sandwiches, $1.75 for sides, $12.50 for a three meats-two sides combo

car famfam 16 iconParking: Limited (like everywhere on the Corner), unless you’re walking.

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