Bacon Bloody MaryLove, Thy Name is Bacon…

This was my first time trying Blue Moon Diner’s Annual Bacon Lover’s Menu on Valentine’s Day. And to hell with my cardiologist, I’m planning to do it again next year.

We started off with the bacon bloody mary. The horseradish overshadowed the bacon by a long stretch, but whatever the olives were stuffed with was a hit at the table. I admit I hadn’t noticed the BLT Martini on the menu and I think I may have preferred that. I’m planning to try it when it reappears on their menu during the summer months.

The first course was a little vague on the menu, but the plate contained spicy batter dipped deep fried bacon with a creamy spicy dipping sauce on the side. I think the delectability of the subsequent courses made this one less impressive. It wasn’t bad, but the bacon was somewhat lost in the breading and the sauce.

The next course was a smoky bacon-wrapped mozzarella served on a bed of arugula, with a light dressing that complimented the peppery lettuce really well. The smoky cheese and bacon creation was amazing. My biggest complaint was that we only got one of these delights atop the salad.

Brownies with bacon crumbles on top at Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville, VAThe third course was a bacon potato pancake with baked apple slices and maple syrup drizzled on top. I wound up eating the apples and syrup separately from the latke. It was delicious that way, but I’m not sure how it would have worked with a forkful of everything in one bite. These pancakes, however, quickly shot to the top of my favorite ways to enjoy a potato.

The shrimp wrapped in bacon were huge and scrumptious, but the tomato sauce had too much of a kick for my tastes. A bite of a tomato chunk from the sauce sent me to immediately drain my water glass. One of my dining compatriots loved it. The rest of us were brought bread and full water glasses from the attentive staff.

One of my friends had complained that he was still hungry after the meal but the rest of us were satisfied. I took my bacon brownie home for later, where I discovered two things: First, you can’t effectively sneak a bacon-topped brownie past the dog, and, second, as far as midnight snacks are concerned, Blue Moon’s dense fudgey brownie topped with bacon crumbles is pretty close to heaven on a plate.