St. Maartens burger and friesWe’re looking for a few good eaters to join the Mas to Millers team. Do you feel strongly about food and drink in this town? Maybe you’re an expert on the family-friendliest restaurants in Charlottesville, or a connoisseur of the perfectly mixed martini. No matter what your passion may be, help us with our New Year’s Resolution to be kinder to our waistlines and wallets. Become a M2M reviewer!

We’re looking for a few people willing to contribute reviews, food finds, best in chow, or food news a handful of times throughout the year. It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve been shouting our feelings from the rooftop, so we figure people are pretty sick of us by now and it’s time to mix it up with some fresh perspectives.

While we can’t afford to pay in cash, beer is on us whenever we get together to talk shop, and there’s always the reward of eating delicious food for the sake of the community as a whole. Anyone who is interested should contact us at food [ at ] mastomillers [ dot ] com.