My new favorite salad: The Bazaar SaladMy recent Food Finds have not been a study in dietary restraint: biscuits and gravy, ice cream, chorizo burrito, cookies, you get the clogged artery picture. The only salad that’s earned Food Find status included fried food, cheese, and buttermilk. So I’m grateful that the Tea Bazaar has provided a find that’s good for overall health in addition to taste buds.

The Tea Bazaar’s signature salad is full of delicious and unexpected surprises. It starts with an overflowing plate of fresh produce with mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Golden raisins and candied walnuts add a touch of sweetness, and the entire thing is topped off with paper-thin pear slices and creamy feta cheese. You can add smoked salmon or tuna to the salad, which I highly recommend, and there are pita slices on the side. All in all, the Bazaar Salad adds a packed punch of different fresh flavors and creamy and crunchy textures. True, the Tea Bazaar isn’t the ideal place for speedy service or a power broker lunch. But if you have some time and want an escape, it’s hard to beat lingering over a pot of tea with my new favorite salad in town.