Two mini biscuits with sausage gravy with l'etoile's Star Breakfast.

We recently asked for Facebook opinions on the best biscuits in town and were shocked by the responses. Bluegrass Grill & Bakery was the leader, although there was a strong anti-whole wheat contingent that disputed this pick. And the runner-up? Hardee’s. Seriously. I took it as a sign that we need better biscuits in this town, but after a Sunday brunch at l’etoile I think we’re doing just fine.

There are two options to enjoy the delicious biscuits with sausage gravy at l’etoile: a stand-alone starter biscuit ($6) or a mini pair of biscuits that’s part of the Star Breakfast ($10), where you can enjoy them with eggs any style, bacon, and grits. The biscuits are perfectly buttery the way any self-respecting biscuit should be, and the texture is a nice balance between flaky and moist. The gravy had just the right amount of sausage pieces sprinkled throughout, and it was mouth-watering rich but not too rich to artery-clog the rest of your Sunday. Overall, a more upscale and delicious biscuit treat (that is definitely better than Hardee’s).

If you’re not already hungry for brunch at l’etoile, I recommend the charming blog by Chef Mark Gresge, which has everything from soup recipes to musings on colonial Virginia breakfasts and what Louis XIV liked to eat for dinner.