A recent Maharaja Treat takeout.A tip for those, like me, who believe that Indian food is best enjoyed in large quantities: Maharaja has a brilliant menu option that will help you reach max stomach capacity in a budget-friendly way. I’ve always had a difficult time deciding between my favorite Indian dishes. That is, until we discovered the Maharaja Treat. This menu option allows you to select two “half” entrees for the price of one ($13.90 for Vegetarian, $14.90 for Chicken, $15.90 for Lamb) although we’ve always found the servings are much closer to a full size than a half. You can easily split one Maharaja Treat between two if you want a lighter experience, or go the preferred route and double your pleasure. It’s the first time I’ve seen this menu deal at an Indian restaurant and I love it.

It’s still hard to pick just two main dishes. Since Royal Indian sadly closed, Maharaja is the disputed Indian best in chow. If you’re looking for recommendations some of our favorite entrees include Chicken Konkan, Chicken Mango, Green Masala, Ginger Chicken, and Paneer Makhni. Happy spicy eating! And if you feel a tad too gluttunous and stuffed on your way out, remember that mukhwas are your digestive friend.