It’s rare that we disagree strongly about something. Usually we’re a half-star or maybe – maybe! – a full star away from the other’s point of view. When it comes to Charlottesville’s frozen treats, however, things can get ugly. At least on the page. In reality, things are rarely ugly when frozen treats of any kind are going into your mouth. Speaking of which, we love Ben & Jerry’s but didn’t include it and other nationwide chains in favor of more local or regional options. Whether you agree, disagree, or know of a great place nearby that we haven’t tried, let us know in the comments!

Erin Jed
#1 Toppings galore.Sweet Frog
Chandler's Ice Cream in the Tractor Supply Parking Lot.  Chandler’s Ice Cream Erin has made no pretenses about her unhealthy addiction to new arrival Sweet Frog. If toppings are used responsibly, Sweet Frog actually provides a fairly healthy treat.  The original tart flavor with fresh fruit is refreshing and delicious, and the peanut butter is surprisingly authentic.

Jed says: Get the vegetables and low-fat crap outta my ice cream and just give me chocolate, caramel, and buttloads of candy drowning in whipped cream. Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Chandler, or whoever you are, for Grandy’s Delight – the perfect frozen indulgence on a sticky summer night.

#2 Chaps German Chocolate Ice Cream Chaps Ice Cream
Arch’s Frozen Yogurt Chaps Ice Cream isn’t about fancy, hip flavors and a chic setting – it’s about creamy, old fashioned ice cream that’s made on the premises.  Thanks in particular to the German Chocolate Ice Cream, Chaps is Erin’s runner-up.

Jed concedes that sometimes, like on a Tuesday at lunchtime, lower fat options are nice. What really makes Arch’s sing, though, is the famous gooey brownie on top of Angel Food Cake or Marshmallow yogurt. The chocolate chip cookie dough at the Corner location tastes like the real thing, too, and not that frozen pebbly rabbitpuckey you find everywhere else.

#3 Timberlake's Root Beer FloatTimberlake’s Drug Store Chaps German Chocolate Ice Cream Chaps Ice Cream
Erin likes to transport herself to another time by taking a counter seat at Timberlake’s and ordering one of their stellar root beer floats.  It’s true that the magic isn’t in any unique ingredients – the ice cream is Breyer’s – but the setting is perfect and the sundaes and floats made perfectly by a wait staff that’s been there for years.

Jed wasn’t a huge fan of Chaps the first time he tried it – he thought it was just standard issue ice cream – but it has grown and grown on him over the years. It’s fresh and local and the German Chocolate Cake is dynamite!

#4 Splendora’s Gelato Splendora’s Gelato Splendora’s injects some creativity into the frozen treat scene in town. Curried peach, pink grapefruit, and cucumber mint share the stage with traditional gelato classics like amaretto and zabaione. We appreciate the creativity and that they use local ingredients, but must admit that at times Splendora’s isn’t as good as we want it to be or as the offerings sound.
#5 Arch’s Frozen Yogurt Toppings galore. Sweet Frog
Half of Jed’s college memories involve Arch’s, so Erin tends to be much less fanatical about it than Jed.  Erin finds the options, particularly the Wow Cow, not as flavorful as she’d like.  But the Archer’s combo options are out of this world and the legendary brownie topping secures a strong showing for Erin’s list.

Jed thinks Sweet Frog’s concept is great, and he is drawn to cake battery stuff like a stinkbug to your windowsill, but it leaves him feeling a little gross afterwards. Maybe it’s because they let him heap on as many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as he wants.

#6 Chandler's Ice Cream in the Tractor Supply Parking Lot.  Chandler’s
Timberlake's Root Beer FloatTimberlake’s Drug Store While the soft serve sundaes aren’t Erin’s favorite, Chandler’s still offers nostalgic delight.  Nothing says summer like sitting in the tractor supply parking lot eating melted soft serve.

Jed thinks Timberlake makes the best malted milkshake in town. Too bad the ice cream basically comes straight out of the grocery store freezer.

#7 Dip and SipsDips & Sips Dip and SipsDips & Sips Located right by the airport on 29, Dips & Sips is run by the friendliest frozen treat people around.  They’re generous with the samples, which include candy-rich mixes. The ice cream comes from Florida, and it’s good but doesn’t seem worth the long transport.  I wish the delightful owners would try their hand at making their own concoctions.
#8 Kohr's Bros Frozen CustardKohr Brothers Kohr's Bros Frozen CustardKohr Brothers Kohr Brothers is part of a chain but there are locations in only eight states on the east coast and Virginia has more locations than anywhere except Jersey, so we’re including it.  They offer the only frozen custard in the area.  You’re either a frozen custard person or you’re not, but for Erin the consistency doesn’t come close to ice cream or even yogurt. Jed really likes the consistency but thinks the flavor is lacking.