It’s with a heavy heart that we say a fond farewell to Ventana, one of our frequent haunts and home to some of the most interesting dishes in Charlottesville. As of today, the news is official that Ventana has closed down. We’ll try to avoid raging against the injustice of how many mediocre restaurants in this town seem to be doing fine, while we have to lose one that had some of the most adventurous, well-done food and beautiful setting, and instead just focus on the positive:

We’ll miss you, bacon-wrapped lamb and sinfully rich lobster bisque. We’ll miss the crazy bar scene and spying on people from the TV in the bathroom. We don’t know what weekends will be like without Mike and Jen serving us up incredible and colorful habanero, rosemary, tangerine, and strawberry cocktails.

We’ll miss you, Bart and Bridget. We’ll miss the crazy specials from Chef Seb’s brilliant imagination (jalapeño fois gras!), and we’ll miss the beautiful lighting and one of the finest spaces in Charlottesville. And seafoam, we’ll miss you most of all.