Original tart flavor, blueberries, mango, strawberries, coconut, mochi: perfection.There have been signs that I’m rapidly developing a problem. It started out innocently enough when I heard that Sweet Frog, the new self-serve yogurt place on the downtown mall, was about to open. I began thinking about it an awful lot, thanks to a pre-existing addiction to Pinkberry, the original California-based yogurt trend. After its opening last week, I grew slightly concerned when I visited Sweet Frog three times in 38 hours. And I was downright embarrassed when I ate it so quickly last night that I developed the hiccups. So I may have a problem – but it’s a delicious one.

Sweet Frog (next door to Escafé) has ten yogurt taps. Pick your size and your flavor – mango, cake batter, cookies and cream, blueberry, New York cheesecake – and fill it or mix it up as you please. Then comes the fun part: the toppings smorgasbord. Sweet Frog has pretty much every type of candy imaginable, a delicious assortment of fresh fruits, and more unique options such as Agave syrup and cereal. The best part is you get to assemble your own, so no more feeling shameful as you ask the server to add a few more snickers, please. Your cup is weighed at checkout for 39 cents an ounce.

The formula is the same as many of the healthy yogurt chains sweeping the nation post-Pinkberry, but it’s great to have one locally (Arch’s is close, but I think this beats the Wow Cow any day). While you may be tempted by cake batter and candy, I would highly recommend the original tart flavor. Load it up with fruit, coconut flakes, and mochi (Japanese rice cake that tastes like a more subtle marshmallow), and you have a healthy treat that’s perfectly normal to enjoy three times in two days.