Java Java's Cantaloupe SmoothieThe recent string of a million degree humid weather has made my mid-afternoon coffee outings from the office rather unappealing. Loading up on ice cream seems much better yet a bit too decadent for every afternoon. So what’s a downtown worker to do in this heat? Lately I’ve been hitting Java Java Downtown to try their fruit smoothies for a different kind of afternoon pick-me-up. While there are more traditional smoothie flavors, my favorite is the delicious and unique Cantaloupe smoothie.

Java Java’s Cantaloupe Smoothie is a little less sweet than other fruit blends. It’s icy and creamy with a hint of honey and spice to it, with a beautiful pastel color that screams summer. It’s a perfectly refreshing and healthy afternoon treat.

In other smoothie news, my favorite coffee man at Java Hut (the cart in front of Chap’s) told me he makes delicious Mulberry Smoothies when they’re in season. So keep that in mind for next spring!