If you ask someone in this town to direct you to the best tacos, you’ll hear one of the following:

Cinema Taco

• The tacos at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning

Aqui es Mexico

La Michoacana

In all fairness, I haven’t tried the Farmer’s Market samplings – I hear they’re the best – but among the others, my money goes to La Michoacana. They’ve been inconsistent over the years, and I don’t much enjoy their burritos or other offerings, but the tacos are tops.

Of the possible taco tortilla options – crunchy corn, soft corn, or soft flour – La Michoacana’s are soft corn, my least favorite, but they make theirs from scratch and the texture is just right. The other ingredients are (usually) fresh, and there are multiple salsas, including a “guacamole sauce,” on the counter for you to play with.

If you like a little sass in your shell, go for the tacos locos, which have both chicken and chorizo. Otherwise, the chicken is the safest bet. All tacos are $2 each, whether you go regular, super, or loco, so go crazy! Just don’t forget to squeeze the lime over everything before inserting into your mouth.