Rev Soup Adam's Apple - 4

It took me awhile to venture beyond Rev Soup’s forte – quite obviously, its soups – to try its non-liquid offerings. Which means I wasted valuable time in finding one of the most delicious sandwiches in town.

There’s a lot to love about Rev Soup.  The fact that they offer sustainably raised local food (their latest project is a recently purchased Rev Soup Farm).  The eclectic, delicious wine selection that tempts you in the order line, especially because all bottles are under $10.  And come on, Rev Soup could stay in business just serving the Spicy Senegalese Tofu Peanut Soup.  There’s much to love, but I find it hard to stray from the Adam’s Apple Sandwich.

This sandwich superstar has a perfect salty-sweet, yin and yang balance.  On the salty side, there’s a generous serving of sliced turkey, glorious bacon, creamy chevre, and garlic aioli that has a bite. On the sweet side, there’s lusciously slathered apple butter and crisp Granny Smith apple slices. Bitter arugula adds a healthy touch of green amidst the meat and bridges the many strong flavors. Both hands are needed on the toasted sunflower wheat bread slices to corral all of this into a lucky waiting mouth. An A plus for Adam’s Apple!