Chaps German Chocolate Ice CreamIt’s currently 92 degrees out with the usual June humidity adding an extra level of discomfort. And yet I’m choosing to sit outside on the downtown mall, withering more in the sun with every passing moment. Why subject myself to this Virginia heat? Because soon it will make a cone of Chaps ice cream even more delicious and appreciated.

Chaps isn’t about espresso chile sorbet or ginger passionfruit gelato or mini mochi toppings or anything else fancy. It’s about ice cream, pure and simple. The ice cream is handmade, the flavors are classic, and the setting looks like the Peach Pit grew up and went through some rough times. Chaps is where I go when I want a straightforward cone for cheap, and my far and away favorite choice is German Chocolate.

Chaps German Chocolate perfectly mimics the flavor of the classic caramel-filled, coconut-pecan frosted cake (which does not actually originate from Germany). The chocolate ice cream base is rich and velvety.  Caramel rivers overflow on all sides and there’s an abundance of fresh, deliciously chewy coconut pieces, but it’s surprisingly not as sweet as you would think thanks to the subtle bitter hint of chocolate. It tastes like the ice cream you had as a kid, and on days like today it’s like a delicious portable air conditioning system.