Brat pizza at Blue Mountain BreweryWhen we last visited Blue Mountain Brewery, we made the mistake of ordering only beer. We thought the food, though more creative than expected, was there for no other reason than to anchor the beer drinking. How naive we were!

Though our waiter eagerly pointed out the veggie pizza as his favorite item on the menu, we were inexorably drawn again and again to the brat pizza. We both spent a good chunk of our formative years in the mid-west, so sausage rarely gets past us uneaten, especially if it has wurst in its name. Besides, pizza with apples, balsamic vinegar, and bratwurst? I gotta try me some of that.

Any of you who have ordered it know what happened next: We were treated to one of the most innovative and delicious pies to be had in the area. It doesn’t have the doughy richness of Dr. Ho’s or the dynamic char of Mellow Mushroom and Crozet Pizza – the Blue Mountain crust is thinner than all of those – but it brings a magic all its own. The sweet smoosh of apples and caramelized onions, the salty tang of balsamic vinegar, and the buttery spice of thinly sliced bratwurst sausage, all glued together with marinara and mozzarella on top of a sometimes-crispy-sometimes-soft thin crust infused with olive oil and honey. Dynamite!