Pork dumplings: yummy and cheap.One of my longstanding weekend traditions after leaving a bar late in the evening is to spend the rest of the night bemoaning the lack of downtown late night food, in addition to general whining that my feet hurt and I’m cold. Good times for Jed. So I’m not sure who was more excited when we recently heard there was a restaurant a mere block away from the downtown mall serving food until 5:00 am.

Last weekend, we headed to Asia Speciality on Market Street (the old Bohéme spot) to confirm this rumor. And it’s true – there has been late night downtown food right under our noses this whole time! Asia Specialty serves up a simple version of their menu with 8 items or so until 5:00 am on the weekends, with a location especially convenient to Club 216-goers next door.

After containing our excitement at this discovery, we tried out some chicken fried rice and pork dumplings. While it’s risky to trust my late night assessment of any food, I’m pretty sure both items were good. The chicken fried rice had a nice flavor, wasn’t too oily, and the rice soaked up the libations of the evening very nicely. The dumplings were also quite good and had just the right amount of sauce.

Since we were the only ones in there, besides the very nice older woman who worked there watching Sports Center on the flat screen, it seems like a lot of people aren’t aware of this late night option. So here’s a holiday gift to you: save yourself from the White Spot and stumble to Asia Specialty instead this weekend!