Ten - 10While Ten is undeniably one of the tastier restaurants in town, it doesn’t scream “bargain dining.” You can eat sushi flown in from the Pacific while sitting at a swank bar that feels more New York than Charlottesville, but you’re going to pay a premium to do so. Or so I thought, until a recent visit to Ten when we discovered their tasting menu.

As we were debating the eight-course tasting menu, our server (bless her heart) told us it was enough food for us to share. She was right: if we had each ordered the tasting menu, it would have been a painful roll home. But splitting the tasting was more than enough food for two (unless you’re really hungry) so we ended up with a delicious gourmet experience for only $55.  Highlights included the spicy tuna and melt in your mouth escolar.  One of the better deals in town for an upscale dinner!

Course 1 – Ten salad (field greens with ginger dressing)
Course 2 – Harami miso (wagyu inner skirt steak with red sweet miso sauce and sesame seeds)
Course 3- Spicy tuna with crunch (chopped tuna with spicy sauce, scallions, and crunch)
Course 4 – Avocado tempura (with sweet aioli)
Course 5 – Escolar Goma Ponzu (Hawaiian waku with black sesame citrus sauce)
Course 6 – Aka Dashi miso (distinct red miso, tofu, nameko mushrooms and scallions)
Course 7 – Sushi (three pieces chef’s selection)
Course 8 – Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (we substituted raspberry pagoda, which was a light raspberry crème with raspberries sandwiched between brandy crisps)