Bang - 4The restaurant Bang has more martinis than a UVA football game has bowties. They tend to cater to a younger female audience, with a reliance on fruity flavors and a naming scheme that involves Sex and the City characters, but most deliver a solid alcoholic punch as well. For me, however, a sordid college past that involved mixing anything alcoholic with Snapple Kiwi Strawberry has made me wary of the Bang classics, as I’ve avoided any overly sweet drinks in my wiser, more mature years. So I was pleased to find a new favorite after giving the martini menu another try on a recent visit to Bang: the Honey Ginger martini, which consists of Ketel One vodka with ginger simple syrup served in a honey drizzled glass. The first sips are strong and spicy with a pure vodka and ginger bite. But with each sip, the honey drizzle seeps slowly into the drink to give it a nice subtle sweetness. It’s never too sweet but always strong, with the added benefit of digestive-friendly ginger. A martini touchdown!