Cantina's WebsiteNot long ago, we received a nice email from a manager at Cantina. She had read our initial review and said that things had come a long way since their first week of business, when we ate there last. We had wanted to like Cantina more than we did so we agreed we would pay another visit sometime soon.

After giving it another shot, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that they now grill their burrito after wrapping it, giving it a much better flavor and texture. The bad news is that everything else was still below average.

The “Southwestern Shrimp” quesadilla was flavorless except for an unappetizingly spinachy aftertaste. Is there even spinach in there? I don’t think so — or at least there shouldn’t be — so why would it taste like it? It was also served in a basket lined with paper that eventually merged with the gooey quesadilla itself, leaving me to choose between peeling paper off each bite before eating it or picking bits of paper out of my mouth afterwards. There was also too much food for such a small basket. I found it nearly impossible to gain enough leverage to cut the quesadillas, especially with the flimsy plastic cutlery they give you. The margarita, which was really not good, came in a plastic cup, and the chips were still straight out of the (old) bag.

It’s great to see a manager reaching out to the community and trying to make things work, but Cantina has a long way to go. We won’t be going back anytime soon, so if anyone has anything good (or bad) to report, please post it in comments!