Ni Hao - 13If you’ve never had the oddly delicious experience of tapioca in your tea, now’s the time. At first glance, bubble tea looks much like iced coffee, but then you see the black spheres on the bottom, and a strange jumbo-sized straw that can only be there to grant passage of those spheres into your mouth. What are those things? Blueberries? Junior Mints? No. Boba balls. Made of tapioca and other stuff I can’t pronounce, boba balls are chewy morsels of unidentifiable flavor that sound weird but taste fun. It’s all about the texture. You have to try them to understand.

Ni Hao Café, which also serves our favorite Chinese food in town, does this Taiwanese tea house staple just right. A light milk tea flavor, not too sweet and not too watered down, not too many boba balls and not too few. Head on over and see what teens all across Asia and San Francisco have been obsessing over for the last twenty years.