The Goosehound at C&OI wasted many years denouncing vodka. I thought it was flavorless and smelled like rubbing alcohol, which only brought back awkward memories of practicing CPR on a dummy in gym class in high school, with my friends cracking jokes on the side about me falling in love with a “dum” girl named Annie.

Then my Polish mom introduced me to Belvedere and the magic of cloudy-bottled vodkas. I don’t claim to be able to distinguish Stoli, Absolut, and Ketel One in a blind taste test, but Belvedere is different. So is Grey Goose. It’s silkier in the throat. Less fiery going down. And more forgiving the following morning.

At C&O, the mixmasters have wedded this highly drinkable, woefully misunderstood liquor to zesty, freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice. The result is delicious. Equally appropriate with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or on its own as a midnight snack, the nutritious Goosehound is one of the best investments you’ll make all day.