dairy bar - 4Nothing says summer like gooey ice cream in a tractor store parking lot, and nothing says gooey ice cream like a loaded up soft serve sundae. If you agree with these statements, get yourself to Chandler’s Ice Cream for a Grandy’s Delight. Chandler’s, or more often simply known as “the dairy bar,” is a find in itself. Just past 250 on River Road, the ice cream stand is tucked amongst the trees and a few picnic benches in the Tractor Supply parking lot. They have all the classic favorites from your childhood days of ice cream, before things got all wacky with exotic flavors and marble tops, but Grandy’s is the shining star.

Take a container that would comfortably hold a small dog, fill it with soft serve vanilla ice cream, pour M&Ms and Reese’s peanut butter cups over it, drizzle fudge and caramel sauce all over, blanket it with whip cream, daintily put a cheery on top, and you have a Grandy’s. (Splitting 2-or 3-ways is highly recommended.) It sounds straightforward but somehow tastes even better than you would expect: the whip cream is fluffier, the candies are crunchier, and the caramel and ice cream melt into a delicious pool. Whoever this Grandy is, he/she has fantastic taste in sundaes.