vivace bar - 7My nominee for the most underutilized bar in Charlottesville goes to Vivace, hands down and with great enthusiasm. Yes, the Ivy Road location is a slight drive from downtown. But the reward upon arrival is great. First of all, there’s the popcorn machine where you can fill up old school popcorn baskets as much as you’d like. They had me at unlimited popcorn, but it gets better. The ambience is charming. Set apart from the restaurant area, it has a large curving bar, a fireplace with cozy couches, a new leather banquette area against the wall, and charming patio seating outside. The feel is Godfather-influenced 70′s Italian restaurant meets swank ski lounge with an ever-present smattering of Farmington golfers on their 5th or 6th drink. It’s filled with loyal regulars but never overcrowded. One of the greatest draws, however, is Peyton the bartender, my favorite in the area. Despite the fact that we only stop in every three months or so, he never fails to have a Ketel One and Soda waiting for me before I can even get settled on the stool. Popcorn, Peyton, perfection. Time to bring it into your bar rotation.