090813_184412Mono Loco and I had a pretty casual relationship for awhile. Friends would always sing its praises while I half-heartedly nodded in agreement. I’d tag along grudgingly, feeling so-so about the whole experience while enjoying the margaritas and chips with abandon. I suppose you could have called us friends with benefits. That is, until recently, when I discovered Mono Loco’s Braised Pork Tostada. Suddenly I’ve started to develop deeper feelings. The tenderness of the pork, with just a hint of cinnamon and ancho chile, stands in perfect contrast to the crunchy tostadas. Greens, cucumbers, and pickles pour over the pork in an avalanche of flavor, with a drizzling of queso blanco and a creamy dressing to top it off. Thanks to you, Pork Tostada, I think this is the beginning of something beautiful.