county fair - 16 In a sea of delicious but synthetic fried foods across the Albemarle County Fair grounds, the Carpe Donut cart is a welcome relief. I’ve long been a fan of their apple cider donuts (the cart offers them up on Fridays across the street from the downtown library), but the fair inspired me to try out their Hawaiian ice summer special. If you’re curious about how Hawaiian ice is different from Italian ice or the good old snow cone, donut guy Matt will give you a great historical and technical explanation of how Hawaiian ice distinguishes itself with fluffy, snow-like consistency (when’s the last time your snow cone maker ever got into centrifugal force with you?). Matt makes three varieties of ice syrup: grape, lemon, and lime. No unnatural florescent red colors here, as his ingredients are all natural and organic. The concord grape is simply grape juice, grape concentrate, lime juice, and organic cane sugar. And it’s delicious.